Snapshot of who we are: is an established videography media agency specializing in content, video production and management of conversations between consumers and brands. We provide step-by-step assistance for established companies, allowing them to fol...

Photographer: Eyal Gamili
Dancer: Dima Maryanovsky BeStreet - Hip-Hop Studio
Breakdance Dancer: David Kipper
Music: Koan Sound - Akira
An non official video

When my daughter, Eden, recommended the popular street dancer, Dima Maryanovsky...

Photographer: Eyal Gamili
Mini Mish - מישל
Dementor - דימה
NeNe-  תומר
Dice Young-  רוס

Motocross Videographer Motocross Photographer Serving clients locally and nationwide Filming in the studio and on-location.+1-727-301-2832.

This is one of the most amazing productions I’ve ever done. And all this because of the screenplay Netiv Gilad and Emmanuel Horry wrote for me. They’re close friends of mine who were glad to help out with the writing. Netiv always came up with complicated scenes such a...

Photographer: Eyal Gamili
Roee Ran KTM 250 F
Rave Tabori KTM 125
Eran Lavi KTM 350
Chen Bizinski KTM 450

GoPro Mount: Yaron Kandero
Location: Beit Keshet Forest covers the eastern slopes of the mountains of Nazareth, which offer...

מילים ולחן: בן סיני
עיבוד והפקה מוסיקלית: שמוליק נויפלד
צילום עריכה ובימוי: אייל ג'מילי
איפור ועיצוב שיער: דנית אנקר ודודי בביאן
עוזרת הפקה: עדן פרלוביץ
שמלה: אפרת קליג
תודה מיוחדת לאיש והאגדה דור מלכה
תודה לעופר אקרלינג על המיקרופון

Photographer: Eyal Gamili
Dancer & Choreographer: Sharon Saguy
Singer: Yehuda Shveky
Guitarists: Eliav Uval,Tomer Shami
Cajon - Hagai Leshem
Makeup: Rami Almkies for Studio Adah Lazorgan
Hair Design: Rami Almkies
Special thanks: Devi Sht...

Photographer: Eyal Gamili
Photographer assistant: Eden Parlovitch
Model: Stav Ben Zur for Personal management ltd
Model: Eden Saban
Styling: Ariela Sandrussy
Dancer: Dima Maryanovsky BeStreet - Hip-Hop Studio
Makeup: Rami Almkies for Studio...

Pina colada truffles (Parve).  Pine apple and coconut tiny truffles made out of a mousse of pineapple and coconut. they melt in your mouth
Death by chocolate cake. An extremely decadent chocolate cake, very moist and flour less of course especially for Pessach-Choclate...

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