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Hey there!

I'm Eyal Gamili Holtzeker and I'm stoked to extend this invitation to you.

With over 25 years of experience in videography and online marketing my company, AbstractZen & Foo-Food specializes in helping expert artists sell their work on the leading stock footage sites.

We’ve been able to increase the sales of talented artists by providing them a one-stop service which guarantees their work receives the most attention from customers looking for stock footage.

I could go on, but words won't do it justice. So let me quickly show you some numbers:

"Yes, It Sounds Great! But What's in it for Me?"


Serving and helping you sell your music videos and footage to thousands and millions of your audience world is what we’re all about. And because I appreciate your relationship, I'm going to make sure this is worth your while.

  • Immediate access to the global stock footage market.

  • We come up with the top keywords for your content.

  • You will always maintain the copyright to your work.

  • We take care of the: Video editing, Color correcting, organizing, create titles, tag, recording, store and backup for your videos.

  • Help to mine and refine your content for your own editorial needs as well as creating new revenue streams for your work.

  • We will work with you even if you’re located outside of the continental USA.

  • Complete transparency on all transactions

  • It is always better to sign your models on "Model release"; (we supply you the right contract to save your copyright)

  • Note that once you sign up with us, you can sell your materials to anyone but you can't sell them online in stock footage sites (we do it for you). And you must be the sole owner of your materials.


What’s in it for us?

We're stoked to have you on board. As such, we're going to ensure your footage is displayed and sold worldwide so that you get handsomely rewarded for it. All you have to do is send us your unedited footage.

And NO

There are no Monthly, Quarterly, or Yearly membership fees!

All we ask for in return for our complete service is 50% of all the sales we make (ONLY for the videos that we help you sell).

It’s super simple… You shoot, upload it to our cloud, and we do all the rest. Yes, it’s that easy!

We are genuinely excited to partner up with you!

If you have any questions at all or ready to schedule your free consultation, shoot us a quick email below:


One day of shooting = 17-22 days for us to do:


4-6 days download time


5-6 days editing time


3-4 day rendering time


2-3 days uploading
to footage banks 


3 days tagging


Gal Drones

Mark Litvin

Film Equipment

Praveen Namballa


Vidir Bjornsson

Film Clapboard

Filipe Bergson

Film Production

Amit Batra

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Thanks for our new


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