Production of Promotional Videos and Commercial Photography


Commercial culinary production videos will help your business to flourish on social media platforms. Everyone loves food—and everyone loves sharing mouthwatering images and videos of their favorite dishes. The AbstractZen company offers the top-quality interior and exterior production of cooking videos. Our focal idea is to combine your product and brand in order to enable you to target a specific market.


  • Production of promotional vids for restaurants

  • Production of recipe vids

  • Documentary filming of catering for weddings

  • Photography of restaurant catalogues

  • Production of marketing materials

  • Production of promotional personal profiles

  • Production of cooking commercials for Youtube

  • Production of vids for Facebook pages

  • Promotional Video Recipes


Our company features quality professional staff who specialize in food photography, art, music and food styling. Our studio provides a wide range of food production services ranging from design to post production. We will manage all the editing services for your project under one roof. Food photography focuses on the senses of sight, taste, smell and imagination which are all crucial towards creating a marketing image.

Video recipes


The ABSTRACTZEN company in corporation with the FOO-FOOD , Inc. offer their customers:


  • Project completion under one roof starting with concept building to final result

  • Development and production of business idea including script writing

  • Portable studio for food filming

  • Casting

  • CANON video lenses from the prestigious L series

  • Kitchen layout according to your preference

  • Unique lighting equipment constructed and planned with food filming in mind

  • Personalized schedule for filming and production catering to your requirements

  • We offer additional team members according to your personal requirements

  • Kids’ cooking program

Food Styling Services


Whether you’re a foodie or famous chef, or own a small or large restaurant, everyone

should know about you and your business. You need your dishes to undergo styling that will propel them to another level of popularity. Just like music makes a significant marketing effect on a movie, food photography is capable of expanding the influence of a given plate to unchartered waters.The first thing you do when you come to a restaurant is “eat” with your eyes. This is why the way a dish looks on the menu or an ad has the ability to impact to a customer’s decision. The way it looks on a menu can impact the senses, feelings, and intuition of a customer who decides if it’s worth it before even taking a bite.Kitchen utensils, composition, surfaces, backgrounds and colors are the initial elements for quality results. The photographed dish is the “story.” Styling helps “attach” the dish to the story. Completion of project from concept design to final productTools and “accessories”Unique, quality database of pallets and wallpapers for food photography


Original Music


Composer Erez Koskas heads the Foo-Food sound department. Quality music accounts for 50% of a successful YouTube video. Original music will empower your vid and propel it to new heights. Erez Koskas composes original music hand-tailored for each client.Jingle music for company logoSpecial effectsOriginal music tailored for special occasions Musical instruments Music for promotional vids Original music for cooking vids


Product photography & 3D
  • 360-degree filming of product

  • Industry products photography

  • Aerial photography

  • Fast food photography

  • Raw materials photography

  • Fruits and vegetables photography

  • Photography of restaurant dishes

  • Menus photography

  • Chocolate photography

  • Pastries photography

  • Pic shots photography



Green Screen


We provide Green Screen editing services as well as online and offline services, after-effects and 3D effects. The studio can be rented out either half a day or full day in advance, and includes the use of studio lighting systems including monitors, a powder room and a spacious waiting room, as well as a kitchenette and bathroom.


  • Rental of room with green screen for video production

  • Rental of a white or black room for  video production

  • Rental of portable studio for style photography on a green, black or white background











UnderWater video photography

Underwater photography is the process of taking photographs while under water. It is usually done while scuba diving, but can be done while diving on surface supply, snorkeling, swimming, from a submersible or remotely operated underwater vehicle, or from automated cameras lowered from the surface.


GoPro HERO3: Black Edition


HERO3: Black Edition + sd memory + Accessories
- Fixes a special corrugated photography motorcycle helmet
- Mounts for bikes
- Wide pole connector ( Airframe bike / sailing wind)
- Author and vacuum car Mounting Accessories
- Pole taking self-portraits
- Mounts for surfboards
- Documentation perfect conditions for water