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Spartacus by: The Knights of Jerusalem

Captivates International Audiences with “Spartacus” Production

Together with the “Jerusalem Nights” group, director Eyal Gamili has produced a periodical movie on Spartacus that will be presented at an international competition of martial arts in Russia. Top Russian government officials will be in attendance.

It took Eyal close to four months to produce the movie. The costumes were tailored for the production and special emphasis was given to an accurate portrayal of the way people dressed in times past.

The weapons that the warriors used were also manufactured the same as they had been hundreds of years ago. The World Heritage Site, National Park Beit Guvrin-Morasha, capital of the “Land of a Thousand Caves” was chosen as the site of the video shoot. The park presents an ancient architectural marvel—countless caves designed for a wide range of applications, an amphitheater from the Roman period and impressive remnants of a castle and church from the Crusades, and, in addition, many species of animals and plants.

The North City complex features impressive ruins from the Roman period, (an imposing amphitheater, bathhouse, and castle walls) as well as the remains of a Crusader fortress, with a church, dining room, workshops and underground vaults.

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