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Video Dance

The project got under way when I was beginning to work on my video clip for Fenech Soler-Golden Sun. As I was reading the contest description, a Red Hot Chili Peppers video from the 80’s came to mind. The video itself was in black and white, but the dancers were colored in silver and gold. This happened to be the starting point of my search for a “visual concept” for my own music video.

Once I’d decided that I wanted two dancers: a man and a woman body painted in gold and silver, I started looking for things that would inspire me and enable me to come up with other original ideas for the project. I found an Italian photographer by the name of Guido Argentini. I really liked his work—especially because it espoused the visual concepts I was looking for.

I began trying to put together a plan of action for my video: the right materials, etc. I approached Mr. Argentini via Facebook. To my surprise, he told me that the make-up he’d used in his work was no longer being produced. I didn’t give up in my search, and eventually, found a company by the name of “Meron” that produces the substance I was looking for.

I turned to two of the dancers from the “Vertigo” dance troop who’d been interested in performing the dance moves I had in mind. I had a great time working on the set of the shoot with Mika and Ami, the two talented dancers. They’re amazing individuals whom I enjoyed meeting and getting to know. They happen to be very talented dancers who share a special bond. This, along with the special energy they share helped immensely with the video production.

The Ada Lezurgen studio that works with us on every one of our productions, provided us with two talented make-up artists, Kerenor Kishon, and Anastasia Soffer who took on the task of covering the entire bodies o the dancers in gold and silver powder. They carried out this somewhat tedious task with the utmost patience and professionalism.

It took them about three hours to completely cover the dancers in the avant-garde powder. We used Danit and Dudi Ankar’s hair styling studio to carry out our work. The hair stylists helped come up with a unique hairdo for Ami. Danit created an extremely complex hairdo for Mika that didn’t crumble despite a series of intricate dance moves.

This ended up being one of my favorite projects due in part to the fact that we created a perfect “flow” of feelings and emotions on the set. I think that this kind of flow during a photo/video shoot is extremely important to a project’s final outcome.

Thanks Genero, and Golden Fenech for this wonderful opportunity and a great song to work with.

lSpecial Thanks to my dear wife that support my craziness like always

Written, directed, cinematography and edited by Videographer: Eyal Gamili

This production could not be possible without the generous gesture of talent, creativity and passion from the following people: Inspiration: Guido Argentini (Italy) & Red Hot Chili Pepper Choreography : Amme Villinski & Micha Amos Female dancer : Amme Villinski Mail dancer: Micha Amos Dance company: Female Hair styling: Danit Ancar Mail Hair styling: Dudi Babyan Studio and mental support: Dor malka Makeup: Studio Ada lazorgan Makeup: Devi Shtern Makeup: Kerenor Kishon Makeup: Anastasia Soffer Nails design: Eden Parlovitch Prod. Assist. : Eden Parlovitch Special Thanks : V.Z. Bunich

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