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The Best Passover Recipes by Tom Franz - Kosher Culinary Art מתכונים לפסח עם השף טום פרנץ

Pina colada truffles (Parve). Pine apple and coconut tiny truffles made out of a mousse of pineapple and coconut. they melt in your mouth Death by chocolate cake. An extremely decadent chocolate cake, very moist and flour less of course especially for Pessach-Choclate dipped espresso meringue cookies (Parve) Chocolate glasses- a special dessert served in a cup, something between a pudding and a mousse. very delicious and easy to make (can be Parve). Maple baked apples filled with marzipan & nuts, filled with pecans, walnuts and marzipan (can be Parve). It is a famous tradition for Ashkenazi people to have baked apples for dessert but this one is amazing and different... למתכונים המלאים תיעוד פרויקט מיוחד לפסח עם תום פרנץ Food Styling: Shani Holtzeker P.R.:SPIVAK Public Relations Production: Photographer: Eyal Gamili תודה לפלורליס על הצילומים בלוקיישן והשימוש בכלים

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