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Video Dance DubStep

Production: Photographer: Eyal Gamili Dancer: Dima Maryanovsky BeStreet - Hip-Hop Studio Breakdance Dancer: David Kipper Music: Koan Sound - Akira An non official video

When my daughter, Eden, recommended the popular street dancer, Dima Maryanovsky, I immediately took up her proposal. I approached Dima and offered him some unexpected work. We met at a sea-side café and discussed cooperating on a video production of a dance my newly-found partner had been performing for some time.

To my satisfaction, Dima Maryanovsky approved the plan, and we started coming up with some inspirational ideas. We decided on a step dance with special effects reminiscent of a “Fire Dragon” that precisely mimics the movements of the dancer according to the music being played.

We began working for hours on end to hone Dima’s choreography so that there would be a meticulous correspondence between the photography and the production of the dance. We chose an abandoned warehouse and arrived there with Dima.

The filming went according to plan with no major interruptions. We filmed the drops of sweat “falling” from Dima’s face. He really did perspire quite a bit. I deliberately chose to film the production without using makeup and styling for the simple reason that I didn’t wish to attract undue attention. I wanted the focus to be on the dance—and nothing else.

Selecting the music for the dance was also a big challenge for the simple reason that dubstep can be very noisy and uncomfortable. I was faced with the challenge of selecting the right amount of this music in order to create the best possible track.

Dubstep is an innovative, new music style that has become popular over the last few years, but is still gaining popularity. This music has a lot of cuts, withdrawals; it feels like it’s on the edge, breaks-up, and reconnects again.

While we were searching for the right track, we a Skrillex clip and loved both the story behind the production and the effect. It was crucial that the music we played would be easy-listening. Having spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to proceed, we decided to work alongside a musician by the name of “Koan Sound,” who immediately became interested in cooperating with us. Our project was under way.

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