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Amazon Photographer or Product Photography: Techniques and Aesthetics

        The main principle in photographing products, especially jewelry items, is to   present these as precisely as possible. One has to do this in a way that’s complementary, and that makes the customer want to purchase the product. At the end of the day, whether it’s a catalogue, an advertisement, a brochure or an online gallery, the goal of the photographer is to impress the viewer and compel him to buy the item in the picture.

        Enticing the customer to buy a product based on a quality advertisement is a difficult proposition however. The times in which we live offer us an abundance ofconsumer goods. Some of these are essential products we use every day and some are things that are considered “luxuries.” There are different ways of presenting different products to diverse target audiences.

        Product photography needs to be approached in a very specific way. It takes an extremely precise set of techniques, as well as the right materials because jewelry needs to be photographed very clearly. Lighting has to be appropriate for the product being photographed. The size of the product must be accurate, and its qualities need to be emphasized in the best possible way.

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Fashion Photography and Paving the Way For Professionals in the Field

The field of fashion is one filled with light and glamour. This attracts those who’d like to get acquainted with international and local fashion makers as well as others who want to benefit financially. Fashion photographers help Israeli models realize their dream of making it big internationally.



Creating a book for modeling candidates:

In order to get accepted to any role in the modeling industry, one has to create what’s called a “BOOK” for him/herself. This is an album featuring the best pictures of the candidate, with the candidate posing in a multitude of positions and different combinations of light and shadows. A quality fashion photographer is capable of improving the candidate’s chances of landing his/her dream job, and of getting ahead in the world of modeling, fashion and glamour.



Photographic Modeling Campaigns:

The world of advertising has made giant leaps in the past 20 years. This has taken place alongside tremendous advances in the quality of modeling. Israeli fashion photographers have come up with unforgettable images that you’re likely to remember years after you’ve first seen them.

Journalistic Documentation: Fashion photographers are also used for journalistic documentation at major exhibitions and events in the fashion world: launching a new brand which is naturally a big event as well as introducing a new fashion brand in Israel via prestigious fashion shows or exhibitions—both of these require the presence of quality fashion photographers.

Free phone consult:

We offer you a free phone consult which gives us the opportunity to talk through your project, explore ideas, discuss different options and work out the right photos to achieve your goals.


Once we have this nailed, we can happily provide you with an accurate price.

Every project is unique, so we need to find out a little bit more about what you require.
If you’re not sure where to start, that’s fine. We can walk you through the process, discuss ideas and work out the best approach together.

If you have a clear project brief, that’s great as well. Contact us and we’ll discuss what shots you need: people, products, projects, location, how many images you require, and their end application (e.g. print ad, website, annual report etc.)
To start with, once we have a more thorough understanding of what you require, we’ll give you a specific project proposal.
For more info on pricing or to start the ball rolling call us: 727-301-2832





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