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AbstractZen’s Creative agency seeks to create a unique experience based specifically on who you are, what you represent, and all that you want to be. We are here to make top-quality videos of the most interesting boutique productions around the world. We believe the best stories are those told by the people that stand behind them. Our specialties range from design and branding to food photography, jewelry, promotional, informational, talents, 3D, visual effects, and music videos.


We want to help you engage that audience and help your brand achieve its full potential. The result….authentic brand stories that are shared, spread and retold by followers, fans and brand advocates.



Mr. Gamili is a graduate of the renowned multi-disciplinary Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design who began his professional career focusing on plastic arts, spent four years studying industrial design, and, from there, continued into the video world, directing and producing food advertisements, a number of popular cooking series for TV and YouTube, as well as lifestyle shows providing an inside look into the lives of successful individuals from around the world.

Eyal Gamili Holtzeker

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