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10 Hours (One day)


Within ONLY 10 hours I can shoot 90 days' worth of marketing material and content! No more excuses to not have quality content to help grow your business.

This includes videos, and photos for social media, advertising, marketing, and distribution. 

Whether you're in Tampa, FL, the Maldives, or in any part of the world, I will come fly to you and your business, and create content with you!

You'd be surprised how much you can shoot when you work with me.

10 Hours (One day) of Stills and Video Content Production at a client location

  • Lifetime license

  • 1 location in the USA

  • research and marketing strategy.

  • Up to 50 Original Stills photos including Product studio shoots, Lifestyle, One head shoot 

  • 6 Photo ads including graphic design

  • Award winner Photographer 

  • Full equipment covered

  • Drone Shots if needed

  • Logo animation

  • 4K - One Brand video up to 60 sec

  • 4K - One promotional video up to 30 sec (Version)

  • 1 short videos ads up to 15 sec (16:9) IG, reels, YouTube stories, 

  • 1 short videos ads to 15 sec (9:16) (Version)

  • 1 short videos ads to 15 sec (Square) (Version)

  • Lighting

  • Post-production

  • Video editing

  • Color correction 

  • Animated titles

  • Infographics

  • Music

  • Voice over up to 300 words

  • Delivery time 30 business Days from day one production



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