Linkin Park Clip Production "Burn it Down"

September 18, 2014

This is one of the most amazing productions I’ve ever done. And all this because of the screenplay Netiv Gilad and Emmanuel Horry wrote for me. They’re close friends of mine who were glad to help out with the writing. Netiv always came up with complicated scenes such as: skydiving, motorcycle racing, etc. I’d only seen these kinds of things in movies, and I had no idea where to begin…
Why are we telling you this? Because the Israeli producer, Eyal Gamlili has decided to hold a contest and direct a video clip in which RC8 participated alongside Dani Belhasan (riding the KTM motorcycle).
“I turned to a company known as “FreeDive,” and was glad that they were willing to cooperate with me. As a result of a consultation with them, and due to my fear of heights, we decided that I’d receive all the skydiving movies from the top instructors. Once I got the skydiving out of the way (it took all the courage in the world plus some), I still had the filming of the motor racing ahead of me,” says Eyal











Dani Belhasan & DB final touch performance

A number of talented individuals took part in the filming:

Director: Videographer Eyal Gamili Via
Written: Nativ Gilad
Behind the scenes & GoPro specialist: Adi Brown
Motorcycle RC8 KTM Driver: Dani Belhasan & DB final touch performance
Motorcycle Driver: Lee Barda Ducati israel
Motorcycle Driver: Jonathan Salomon
Skydive: Paradive - Lihi shimi-regev & Yonatan Schechtman
Sky Divers: Inon raz & Omri litvin
Styling: Boaz Monos
Styling assistant: Mirit Nagari
Makeup: Tali Aharon for Studio Adah Lazorgan
Hair Design: Daniel Sherman
Fashion Jewelry :Leetal Kalmanson
shoes: ALDO
dress: Michal&Moran Boutique
Models: Ofir Sudai, Nadia Rova for Hagai Rakovitz
personal management
Mental support: Shani Holtzeker

Special Thanks :
Devi Shtern
Bridge N Tunnel
Eyal B
Liron from
Joe Weisman
Big Thanks to Samuel Holtzeker

Installation of the GoPro cameras went pretty smoothly. We discovered that one of the biggest problems with installing GoPro cameras on motorcycles was that there are a lot of vibration shifts and dilapidated roads in Israel. The best way to shoot a motor race was to place the GoPro cameras on a car following the motorcycle and film the action from behind. We also had to ensure the cameras were safe, so we tied them down to every available car surface with a sturdy fishing rope.



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