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How to Create Shareable Videos from Your DJ Performances

Guide to filming multi-angle DJ performance videos optimized for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram. Tips on shooting positions, editing techniques, custom motion graphics, sharing via social media profiles, email lists, and websites to drive views, likes, and viral fan engagement.
Guide to filming multi-angle DJ performance videos optimized for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram. Tips on shooting positions, editing techniques, custom motion graphics, sharing via social media profiles, email lists, and websites to drive views, likes, and viral fan engagement.

Creating videos of your DJ sets and sharing them online is a great way to expand your audience and promote your skills as an artist. With some planning and the right equipment, you can produce high-quality, engaging videos tailored for platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

Choose Multi-Angle Shooting for Immersive Footage

A multi-camera setup allows you to capture your performance from all angles, creating an immersive viewing experience. Place cameras at a few key positions:

Behind You, Facing the Crowd

This "over-the-shoulder" perspective shows your interactions with the crowd and equipment while giving viewers a sense of taking the stage with you. Use an external microphone near your setup so both you and the music are clearly audible.

Facing You, Shooting the Crowd

Capture crowd reactions with a camera aimed back at the audience from the front of the stage. Their energy makes for shareable shots. Position it high enough to see the whole crowd.

Roving Camera Through the Crowd

Assign someone to walk through the audience with a stable smartphone, grabbing clips of dancing fans that help convey the vibe in the room.

Tight On Your Hands

Set up a locked-off shot showing a close-up view of your transitions on the turntables, sliders, buttons, and knobs. This lets aspiring DJs see your technical skills in action.

With synchronized playback, cutting between these angles gives your videos the look and feel of a professional concert film.

Edit for Maximum Impact

Creative editing can make your DJ videos pop both online and when played back during events. These pro tips help craft shareable cuts:

Pick Key Tracks

Focus your video on one or two standout tracks, usually newer songs you mixed in creative ways or mashups you produced yourself. This provides more unique content.

Time Cuts to Big Moments

Sync angle changes and cuts with phrasing of the music, lining up drops and builds to hits from other angles for heightened energy.

Show Appreciation

Leave in crowd shots where you high five or salute enthusiastic fans. This personal touch endears you to viewers.

Spotlight Dancers

Zoom in on individuals getting down to your tracks. They’ll eagerly share clips featuring themselves dancing.

Share the Process

For educational appeal, include shots showing your preparation on-stage as you cue up tracks and get into the mixing groove before bringing in a big track.

Add Custom Motion Graphics

Use templates or work with a designer to create simple animated lower thirds, titles, transitions, and logos tailored to your brand identity. This gives a professional polish.

Through strategic editing like this, you create videos specifically designed for sharing across today’s social spheres.

Optimize Videos for Each Platform

Tailoring uploads for key platforms expands your reach plus encourages views, likes, and shares. Follow these best practices:

long-form Mixes for YouTube

The video length and quality standards make YouTube perfect for your full DJ set recordings, ideal for connecting with music lovers seeking to watch complete performances from their favorite artists.

Excerpts for Facebook and Instagram

Cater to social media users’ short attention spans by pulling exciting short-form clips under a minute long for these channels, focusing on highlights described above like dance shots and level-up mix moments.

Square Cropping for Instagram

Crop horizontal videos vertically to fill Instagram’s square video player. This avoids black bars which look unappealing in feeds. The app now also supports landscape video.

Computer or App Editing

Use built-in video editors on your phone, tablet, or computer—whichever you are most comfortable with—to insert graphics, text, trim clips, rearrange, adjust color, and export optimized files ready for uploading.

By fine-tuning videos specifically for each platform, you maximize engagement and views for all your hard work spent DJing and producing original footage.

Share Widely Across All Your Socials

Help videos spread virally by sharing links broadly across your full promotional ecosystem each time you publish a new one:

  • Email newsletter with embedded video

  • Facebook profile and artist page

  • Instagram profile grid, Stories, and Reels

  • YouTube channel and community tab

  • Twitter and engagement with fans

  • Website blog and press kits

  • Flyers and email signatures pointing to latest videos

This best practice exposes videos repeatedly to all followers new and returning across the fan lifecycle, increasing recognition and shares.

Make Follow-Up Videos Responding to Comments

Further connection with audiences comes from creating reaction and instructional videos answering questions and comments left below your DJ uploads.

Give shoutouts to frequent commenters. Film mini-tutorials responding to production questions from other creators. Make response clips addressing their feedback showing you care about your supporters.

The more videos you add to your channel and social pages, the faster you multiply potential eyeballs as both fans and platforms recommend your expanding content. By implementing these shooting, editing, customizing, and promotion strategies, you turn DJ performances into professional videos primed for organic growth and sharing across today's digital landscape.

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AbstractZen helps artists capture cinematic videos tailored for social media with multi-angle DJ filming, drone coverage, professional editing, custom graphics & animation, and online promotion for max views & shares.


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