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Ofer Blutrich - AGAINST ALL ODDS

A Bit of Introduction:

Eyal is currently working on a new project whose goal is to help Ofer Blutrich, an Israeli rock climber and one of the top rock climbers in the world. Eyal wants to provide Ofer a little bit of financial support for his endeavors in Israel and around the world. Ofer has made a name for himself in the rock climbing world by scaling some of the toughest mountains and crags in Israel and Europe. He's a clean-shaven, no-nonsense type guy who enjoys endurance training and non-contact sports like running, biking, surfing, and swimming, but doesn't shy away from the party scene either. With four years of combat army service behind his back, Ofer feels he has plenty of great feats to accomplish, many interesting people to meet, and mountains to scale. Ofer also wants to give back to the country and people he loves most while reaching his personal goals. Ofer wants people to know that Israel is a one-of-a-kind place to be; a place that welcomes everyone, and allows individuals to fulfill their dreams. It's the capital of four world religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Baha'i). Israel is home to the world's most prominent high-tech industry, and stands at the forefront of international medical research. The Israeli government is behind relief projects to areas stricken by natural disaster, as well as sending its astronauts to the moon. Together, Eyal and Ofer, the brilliant videographer and the talented, young rock climber have teamed up to bring you some wicked shots of Israel's nature at its best. They're currently filming an exciting documentary about Ofer's rock climbing exploits. Eyal and Ofer have centered their attention on the Keshet Cave (also known as the Rainbow Cave or the Arch Cave), found in the Galilee. It's one of the most beautiful natural wonders of Israel. It's located a short distance from the Israel-Lebanon border, a few kilometers from the Northern town of rosh Ha'Nikra. We hope you benefit from our efforts to bring you an eagle's-view of the Keshet Cave and other destinations in Israel, and facilitate Israel rock climbing and tourist industries.

The text was written and edited by Eyal’s personal friend and employee, Eitan Divinsky of Jerusalem. Eitan excels at writing, editing, and translation. He’s devoted the past two years to developing his blog (which can be found at:, working on a variety of international projects including writing articles for a Russian-speaking magazine based in Chicago, and teaching chess (he’s a semi-professional chess player).

Videographer: Eyal Gamili Music: Gscomber_-_I_know Thanks to: Valeri Frumkin Eitan Divinsky

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