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5 Reasons to Film Your Next Live DJ Set

Filming your DJ set helps transport fans into the club, spread your brand on social media, preserve special moments in your artistic journey, and open income via video sales and sponsorships.
Filming your DJ set helps transport fans into the club, spread your brand on social media, preserve special moments in your artistic journey, and open income via video sales and sponsorships.

As a DJ, your live performances are the pinnacle of your artistic expression. The energy of the crowd, the thumping basslines, the dazzling light shows - it's an experience like no other.

Capturing that energy on video can bring tremendous benefits for your career as an artist. Let's explore 5 key reasons why you should film your next DJ set.

Share the Experience with Fans

Relive the Energy

There's nothing quite like the feeling of playing an amazing set to an enthusiastic crowd. Filming your performance lets you bottle up that energy and experience it again and again.

Seeing fan reactions, singing along, and dancing to your music will send those feel-good chemicals rushing through your brain just like you were back on stage. It's a great way to revisit a particularly great show.

Give Fans a Behind the Scenes Look

Your fans would love the chance to experience one of your shows from your point of view behind the decks. Filming gives them VIP access to areas they can't normally reach, like:

  • Your DJ setup with equipment, laptop, controllers, etc.

  • Side stage views of the crowd and venue

  • Backstage prep and interactions before you go on stage

It satisfies fan curiosity and makes them feel more connected to you as an artist.

Promote Yourself as a DJ

Demonstrate Your Skills

There’s no better promotional material than video showing you absolutely crushing a DJ set. Club owners, festival promoters, and record labels want to see you have the ability to move a crowd before they'll book you.

Let them watch you seamlessly mix tracks, match energy levels, read the room, and push the party to the next level. Your video can speak volumes where words on a press kit often come up short.

Spread the Word on Social Media

Social media gives you global reach to promote video clips and highlights from your filmed DJ sets. Strategically share short video segments rather than the full multi-hour show.

Spark interest by teasing the best tracks, mixes, crowd moments, special guests, etc. Then direct fans to subscribe or purchase access to the full video. Use platforms like:

  • YouTube

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • TikTok

Leveraging social media makes video a powerful marketing tool to keep building your brand as an artist.

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Preserve Your Legacy

Chart Your Artistic Journey

Looking back on old filmed sets lets you see how far you've come in your DJ career. Watch your mixing skills, track selection, stage presence, and production improve over time.

It's incredibly rewarding to visually see your artistic journey from small club gigs to headlining festivals and tours. Video creates a time capsule to reminisce on years later when you've made it big.

Maintain Record of Original Music

As a DJ producing original tracks, filmed sets become proof that you premiered the song live before release. Protect yourself from potential copyright issues by having video evidence with date and location details.

Also capture the debut crowd reaction. It's priceless to be able to revisit genuine moments when a new track of yours impacted the dancefloor for the first time.

Extra Income Stream

Sell Access to Full-Length Videos

Once your name grows in the scene, fans may be willing to pay for full access to high-quality videos of your DJ sets. Consider charging for downloads or streaming on your website or platforms like Vimeo and Uscreen.

Don't undervalue your work. Research pricing for similar long-form DJ performance content. Package together video from a tour or residency into albums fans can purchase.

Attract Sponsorship Deals

Brand sponsorships represent a major source of income potential if you film and distribute videos from your DJ gigs.

Clubs, festivals, gear manufacturers, drink brands - they all want exposure to the dance music scene. Propose custom sponsorship packages with video shout outs, logo overlays, free merch, etc.

The high-quality footage proves your media value and looks extremely attractive to potential sponsors eyeing your fans as customers.

Filming your live DJ performances brings money-can't-buy benefits for your career as an artist. Let video transport fans into the booth and dancefloor. Spread your name on social media. Preserve special moments and chart your artistic development. Monetize content with purchases, subscriptions, and sponsorships. At AbstractZen Creative Media, our team lives at the intersection of video production and the electronic music scene.

Schedule your FREE consultation today: 727-301-2832. We'll make sure your next DJ set gets filmed in spectacular fashion.


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