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Marketing to Snowbirds: Appealing to Seasonal Residents in Tampa Bay

Marketing to Snowbirds: Appealing to Seasonal Residents in Tampa Bay
Marketing to Snowbirds: Appealing to Seasonal Residents in Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay is a popular destination for snowbirds - seasonal residents who flock to warmer climates to escape harsh northern winters. With mild temperatures and abundant sunshine, it's easy to see why retirees and travelers seek refuge here when the weather turns cold up north.

As a business in the Tampa Bay area, attracting snowbird customers can provide a vital surge in revenue during the winter months. By showcasing amenities tailored to these seasonal visitors, you can entice northern travelers to choose your company over the competition.

Understanding the Snowbird Demographic

The first step is understanding who snowbirds are and what appeals to them. Snowbirds tend to be retirees or near-retirement age. They often own a primary home up north and a second home or rental property in Florida.

Some key facts about snowbirds:

  • Average age is 70 years old

  • Mostly married couples or singles

  • Middle to upper-middle class with disposable income

  • Travel from Northeast, Midwest, and Canada

  • Stay for weeks to months from November to April

  • Seek warm weather, amenities, activities, and social connections

While each snowbird has individual interests, shared motivations unite them - escaping harsh winters, enjoying warm weather, and living an active, engaged lifestyle during retirement.

Promoting Your Seasonal Offerings

With the snowbird profile in mind, focus your marketing efforts on showcasing amenities with seasonal appeal.

Emphasize Warm Weather Activities

A top priority for snowbirds is enjoying outdoor living, so highlight any warm weather offerings your business provides. For example:

  • Outdoor dining areas: Promote patio seating and alfresco options at restaurants.

  • Pools and beaches: For hotels, vacation rentals, or housing communities, showcase resort-style pools, beach access, and proximity to water activities.

  • Golf courses and parks: For locations near golf courses, trails, gardens, and parks, tout easy access to these amenities.

  • Boating/fishing: For businesses renting boats, kayaks, paddleboards, etc., target snowbirds seeking water recreation.

Promote Seasonal Discounts and Deals

Snowbirds plan temporary stays, so affordability and value are important. Promote special discounts and deals for winter residents:

  • Season passes: Offer discounted season passes or memberships valid November to April.

  • Multi-week/month packages: Provide reduced rates for long-term rentals of vacation properties, storage units, dock slips, etc.

  • 2nd month free: For short-term rentals, offer a free second month with 1-month minimum stay.

Host Seasonal Events and Activities

Snowbirds seek an active social lifestyle. Host special events with seasonal appeal:

  • Holiday events: Host celebrations for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day, etc.

  • Winter festivals: Organize outdoor festivals celebrating winter with food, music, crafts, etc.

  • Shows and concerts: Host live entertainment showcasing music, comedy, theater, etc.

  • Classes and clubs: Offer special interest classes, clubs, or groups like yoga, arts, hobbies, book clubs, bridge groups, etc.

Provide Concierge Services

Help snowbirds easily access area attractions and services:

  • Area guides: Provide guides to local events, attractions, and establishments open in winter.

  • Transportation: Offer shuttle service to key destinations, transit hubs, and airports.

  • Care packages: Allow pre-ordering of groceries, meals, and supplies for delivery upon arrival.

Targeting Your Winter Visitor Marketing

Once you identify offerings suited for snowbirds, incorporate messaging into your marketing plan across channels.


  • Create a “Winter Visitor” section highlighting seasonal amenities, events, discounts.

  • Include search/filter for “Snowbird Specials” in booking systems.

  • Share testimonials from snowbird customers.

Email Marketing

  • Send special snowbird emails in late summer/early fall announcing winter offerings.

  • Promote specific deals and send event reminders during peak visitation.

Social Media

  • Use snowbird relevant hashtags like #Snowbirds, #WinterEscape.

  • Geo-target northern regions like Northeast, Midwest, Canada.

  • Boost posts in October-December to reach winter travelers.

Print Ads

  • Take out ads in publications popular with retirees and travelers.

  • Target northern city newspapers and magazines.

  • Advertise in RV/motor home magazines.

Travel Sites

  • List your property and special snowbird offers on VRBO, AirBnB, TripAdvisor, etc.

  • Claim and update your listings on travel/review sites to reach searchers.

Providing Excellent Service

Marketing brings in snowbirds customers, but providing excellent service ensures return visits. Some best practices:

  • Greet repeat snowbird guests by name and offer a warm welcome.

  • Check in with long-term snowbird guests regularly to ensure satisfaction.

  • Assist with reservations, tickets, and planning area activities.

  • Offer tips on weather trends, forecasts, and packing needs.

  • Provide reminders and help prepare properties for closing/departure.

  • Send satisfaction surveys and invite feedback after stays.

  • Keep contact info to inform snowbirds of future offerings.

By showcasing the amenities that appeal most to snowbirds, you can make your Tampa Bay area business a coveted winter destination. Follow the approach in this guide, and you'll see happier travelers and a warmer bottom line this season.

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