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Photographing New Construction Homes in Tampa Bay, Florida

Photographing New Construction Homes in Tampa Bay, Florida
Photographing New Construction Homes in Tampa Bay, Florida

New construction homes can be challenging to photograph. With unfinished walls, clutter from construction materials, and lack of furnishings, it can be difficult to showcase these homes in their best light. However, with some planning and photographic techniques, real estate photographers can make new construction listings look appealing and enticing to potential buyers.

Choosing the Right Time of Day

Lighting is crucial when photographing any real estate property. For new construction, exterior photos look best during the “golden hours” of dawn and dusk when sunlight is soft and warm. This enhances the exterior of the home and casts a warm glow on the unfinished interiors as well (Real Estate Photography in Tampa Bay).

If unable to shoot during the golden hour, opt for an overcast day. The diffused lighting will prevent harsh shadows and glare on surfaces.

Picking Flattering Angles

Without furniture or decor, new construction interiors can look stark and unappealing. Clever angles are key to avoid unflattering views.

Shoot interiors at an angle rather than head-on. Off-center compositions are more dynamic. Lead the eye through the space by photographing down a hallway or framing a shot with interesting architectural features like arches or skylights.

Focus on showcasing architectural details like crown molding, custom tilework, or built-ins. Unique features give a sense of the home’s high-end finishes.

Staging the Space

While the home may be empty, creative staging can make interiors feel warm and lived-in. Bringing in furnishings, greenery, artwork, and decor transforms raw spaces into welcoming home interiors.

Rent fully decorated room vignettes to style the living room, dining room, and primary bedroom suites. Well-dressed spaces showcase the intended use of each room.

Place fresh flower arrangements on counters and console tables. Add stacked decorative coffee table books, rolled towels in the bathroom, and fruit in the kitchen. These small styling touches bring life to the home.

Choosing Flattering Lighting

Proper lighting transforms sterile new construction into appealing, magazine-worthy interiors.

For exteriors, fill in shadows on the home’s facade with reflectors or portable strobes. This evens out the lighting.

When shooting interiors, bounce flash off ceilings and walls to evenly fill the space with soft light. Turn on all overhead lighting and lamps to avoid shadows.

Use diagonal corner-to-corner lighting to illuminate interior spaces naturally. Place strobe lights at opposite corners aimed toward each other. The bounced light fills the room.

Open all window coverings to maximize available natural light. Turn on all sconces, pendants, and recessed lighting as well. The goal is to flood the space with luminescence.

Enhancing Color

New construction materials like unpainted drywall and unfinished concrete floors can look drab and monotone. Enhancing color in post-processing makes these materials look rich and warm.

In photo editing software, make easy global adjustments to improve the white balance, contrast, saturation, and vibrance. This makes floors and walls pop while adding color and richness to the entire image.

For more targeted enhancements, use local adjustments to saturate and warm just the floors or walls. This prevents other elements like wood cabinetry from becoming oversaturated.

Shooting Exteriors

Curb appeal is crucial, so pay extra attention to making home exteriors look stunning. Shoot from optimal flattering angles and utilize natural lighting.

Photograph front and rear exteriors as well as impressive architectural features like grand entryways. Capture the roofline, unique windows, and exterior finishes like brick and stone.

Landscaping is likely barren, so bring in potted plants, trees, and flowering bushes to temporarily beautify the yard. Time exterior shoots at peak flowering seasons when local foliage is at its best.

Decorating Empty Rooms

Unfurnished rooms can impress size but fail to convey functionality and intended use. Make empty spaces shine by decorating and styling them.

Turn the garage into a lounge with a rug, portable heater, and seating vignette. Set up a poker table for the game room. Add camping gear to a mudroom to designate it as a place to store outdoor equipment.

Lay down area rugs and runners to designate spaces and add color. Use furniture, stools, and bar carts to distinguish kitchen zones. Place towels, candles, mirrors, and plants in bathrooms.

Working Around Construction Clutter

Avoid showing unfinished elements like exposed wiring, insulation, dirt, or construction debris. Either frame shots to exclude these eyesores or photoshop them out later.

Stack construction materials neatly in corners and cover with tarps or decorative blankets. Place unused tools and supplies in labeled storage containers. Hide mess in closets, bathrooms, and the garage.

If floors are unfinished, lay down stained plywood cutouts, area rugs, or floor runner carpets to cover subflooring. Extend carpeting into closets as well.

Enhancing Curb Appeal

Since the home exterior makes the all-important first impression, ensure it looks warm and welcoming.

Clean up debris like stacks of bricks or extra lumber. Neaten piles of topsoil, gravel, and mulch. Park construction vehicles out of sight.

Add elegant front doors, decorative planters, ornamental lighting, and welcome mats. Line the entryway and driveway with potted plants and flowers.

Photograph during peak garden flowering seasons or bring in mature flowering potted plants. Vibrant flowers make new construction exteriors pop.

Conveying Luxury Finishes

New luxury homes highlight quality construction and elegant finishes. Be sure to capture and convey high-end details through photography.

Shoot close-ups of modern fixtures, custom tilework, stone countertops, and top-of-the-line appliances. Photograph fine details like framed mirrors, sconces, cabinet hardware, and trim accents.

Style bathrooms with freestanding tubs, rolled towels, candles, and flower arrangements. Make bedrooms feel luxurious with high thread count sheets, decorative pillows, and upholstered headboards.

Hiding the Construction Process

While showcasing finished areas, avoid showing signs of ongoing construction. Frame shots to exclude unfinished elements.

Cover up exposed insulation, dirt, sawdust, drywall seams, electrical wiring, and plumbing. Use decorative furnishings and area rugs to disguise sub-flooring.

For kitchens missing cabinetry or countertops, build temporary surfaces from plywood covered in decorative contact paper. Use removable wallpaper or fabric backdrops to cover unfinished walls and backsplashes.

Letting in Natural Light

Abundant natural light makes interiors glow and appear bright, airy, and spacious.

When possible, shoot during bright daylight hours. Open all curtains, blinds, and window coverings to maximize light.

Turn on all overhead lighting, lamps, and sconces to further amplify illumination. This prevents shadows in unfinished spaces.

For darker rooms, utilize corner-to-corner lighting. Place strobes or off-camera flashes in opposite corners and aim them diagonally across the room to meet in the middle. The bounced light fills the entire space.

Showcasing Premium Features

Highlight special high-end finishes and architectural details that make the home exceptional.

Photograph premium features like stone accents, custom millwork, specialty tilework, and top-tier hardware and lighting fixtures.

Showcase architectural elements like arched doorways, tray and coffered ceilings, iron railings, and stone fireplaces even if unfinished. These impressive structural features convey quality construction.

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New construction photography requires carefully planning shots, bringing in staging elements, and utilizing flattering lighting and angles. This transforms unfinished, empty spaces into appealing interiors that attract buyers. With creativity and photographic skill, real estate photographers can make new construction listings shine.

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