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Preparing Your Tampa Bay Home for Stunning Real Estate Photos

Preparing Your Tampa Bay Home for Stunning Real Estate Photos
Preparing Your Tampa Bay Home for Stunning Real Estate Photos

Selling a home is exciting but also requires a lot of preparation to showcase your property in the best light. Professional real estate photography can dramatically improve how potential buyers perceive your home online. However, even the best photographer can't hide flaws or clutter. Taking the time to thoughtfully stage each room will maximize the wow factor in your listing photos.

These home staging tips will help you highlight your home’s finest features and create an enticing first impression for home shoppers browsing listings. A beautifully photographed and staged home will capture more attention and generate increased interest.

Declutter and Clean Every Room

Clutter is one of the biggest distractions in real estate photos. It prevents buyers from envisioning themselves living in the space. Thoroughly declutter and deep clean each room in your home before the shoot. Store away excess furniture, personal photos, piles of mail, and small appliances. Clear all countertops and surfaces. A depersonalized, clutter-free home allows potential buyers to imagine it as their own blank canvas.

Organize Closets and Pantries

Don’t forget about closets, which should appear clean, spacious and well-organized in listing photos. Remove any off-season clothing items and arrange contents neatly. Consider adding a few matching storage bins or baskets to corral items and maximize visible floor space. For pantries, line up food packages attractively and remove rarely used items.

Style Main Living Areas

The main living areas like the living room, family room, and kitchen should look their absolute best since they are key selling features. In the living room, fluff and arrange furniture to create an inviting focal point. Layer in some pillows, throws, plants or flowers for a styled look. For open concept kitchens and dining areas, style counters with decorative bowls of fruit and a cutting board with fresh herbs.

Arrange Bedrooms For Buyers

Bedrooms should feel clean, tranquil and ready for moving in. Make sure beds are made neatly with decorative pillows and bedding. Store away most personal items, but leave a couple of coordinated accents like a table lamp or framed artwork. For kids' rooms with bold colors or themes, try to neutrally style the room to appeal to the widest range of buyers.

Refresh Bathrooms

Bathrooms are one of the top areas buyers scrutinize closely, so ensure yours are spotless for photos. Remove all clutter from counters and store personal items. Consider updating fixtures, shower curtains, towels and bath mats in neutral tones if yours appear dated. Display your best towels neatly folded and clear out older soaps or products.

Style Outdoor Living Areas

Your home's curb appeal and outdoor living spaces are also very important in real estate photos. Clear driveways, yards, porches and patios of clutter and arrange seating areas attractively. Power wash surfaces, trim bushes and add pops of color with potted plants or flowers. For pool areas, remove pool cleaning equipment and arrange patio furniture nicely. Staging your outdoor areas really elevates listing photos.

Accent with Stylish Decor

Use stylish accents and decor touches throughout your home to elevate the look for photos. Ideas include:

  • Fresh flower arrangements

  • Stacked coffee table books

  • Decorative throw pillows

  • Cozy blankets on seating

  • Scented candles

  • Vibrant artwork

  • Fruit bowls with greenery

Avoid going overboard on accessories. You want decor accents to nicely complement the home, not distract or overwhelm in photos.

Enhance Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is hugely important for great real estate photos, so spend time enhancing your home's exterior too. Paint or power wash exterior surfaces if needed to freshen up. Plant flowers by the entryway, add stylish outdoor furniture on porches and tidy up the yard. You want buyers excited before they even step inside. A professional real estate videographer can also capture video and drone footage of your home’s exterior areas.

Consider Staging or Remodeling

For homeowners needing more extensive home staging, hiring a professional stager prior to listing may be worthwhile. They can take a comprehensive approach to rearranging, updating or removing existing furnishings to best showcase the home.

If you have the budget, strategic renovations or remodeling to modernize a dated kitchen or bathroom could also boost your home’s appeal in photos. Other possible projects include new interior/exterior paint, updated lighting fixtures, refinished floors or refreshed landscaping. Home improvements help ensure your property stands out and sells for top dollar.

Leverage Professional Real Estate Media

Hiring a professional real estate photographer is one of the best investments you can make when selling your home. An experienced photographer will skillfully compose, stage and edit listing photos to showcase the size, flow and personality of your property.

You also want a complete virtual tour to allow buyers to fully explore online before visiting. 360° photography, drone photos, twilight shoots and videography are great additional services that bring listings to life. A real estate marketing specialist can help you showcase everything your home offers.

At AbstractZen Creative Content Agency, we are Tampa's premier media studio for real estate photography and marketing services. Our talented team provides stunning listing photos, 3D floor plans, virtual tours, twilight shoots, aerial drone footage and cinematic videography. We understand how to showcase the features and benefits of your home in the best possible light across listing sites.


Preparing your Tampa Bay home for listing photos requires effort but delivers huge rewards. A staged home highlights desirable features and stands out. Decluttering, cleaning and decor touches allow buyers to envision your property as their future home. Curb appeal and outdoor areas also leave a strong first impression. Invest in professional real estate photography and media to take your listing to the next level. Let's discuss how to market your home online and attract quality buyers quickly in Tampa's hot real estate market! Schedule your free consultation today: 727-301-2832.

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