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Bringing Your Art to Life: The Process of Artwork Digitization

Bringing Your Art to Life: The Process of Artwork Digitization
Bringing Your Art to Life: The Process of Artwork Digitization

For artists and galleries in Tampa Bay, digitizing your artwork provides numerous benefits that can take your creations to new heights. At AbstractZen Creative Content Media Agency, we specialize in high-quality photography and videography to showcase visual arts in the digital realm. Our talented team handles every step of digitizing physical works into archival-quality digital files.

Why Digitize Your Artwork?

Preserve Your Legacy

Digitized pieces exist indefinitely in the digital realm, protecting fragile or aging physical works. Digital files withstand the test of time and ensure your artistic legacy lives on for generations to come.

Increase Exposure

Displaying artwork online grants it worldwide visibility. Digital platforms like websites, social media, and online galleries allow endless opportunities for new audiences to discover and appreciate your creative vision.

Facilitate Print Sales

High-resolution digitization enables excellent-quality reproductions like posters, cards, and other merchandise. Digital printing eliminates reproduction costs of traditional methods. Selling prints provides additional income streams for artists.

Enables New Mediums

Digitization opens new creative avenues like digital art, NFTs, animations, videos, and more. Breathing digital life into physical art presents novel ways to experience and interact with the work.

Provides Simple Sharing

Digitization allows instant sharing across devices and platforms. Instantly send top-quality images of work via email or social media, showcasing art to clients, publishers, or collaborators in seconds.

Supports Authentication

Detailed photography and scanning make identifying fakes, forgeries, and unauthorized copies a breeze. Digitized details like brush strokes provide undeniable authentication of originals.

Our Digitization Process

Our meticulous fine art digitization process produces archival-quality digital reproductions true to your original works. We tailor our photography, scanning, and post-processing specifically for each piece we digitize.


Our experienced photographers use high-end DSLR cameras and specialized lenses to capture every detail in stunning high resolution. Precise lighting illumines surfaces, textures, and colors accurately. We photograph 2D works like paintings, drawings, and prints as well as 3D pieces like sculptures and installations.


Large-format specialty scanners digitize works too large to photograph. Slow multispectral scanning technology captures intricate details. Scan processing software enhances color, contrast, and clarity. Scans surpass 100 megapixels, providing photograph-like quality.


After digitization, our artists individually color correct each file, adjust tones, remove dust/debris, and enhance details. We apply noise reduction filters for smooth gradients and sharpening on key focal points. The resulting archival-Tiff files represent the pinnacle of digitization quality.

Digital Infrastructure

We organize digital art into easily searchable archives with detailed metadata like titles, descriptions, dates, sizes, media, etc. Cloud storage and backups ensure the security and integrity of your digitized collection. Our user-friendly online portal grants 24/7 access to view and download your artwork.

Why Choose AbstractZen?

Decades of Experience

With over 20 years photographing major collections, we are fine art digitization experts. Our clients include top museums, galleries, collectors, and artists worldwide.

We Come To You

We bring our professional equipment and controlled conditions on-site. No need to transport or ship your precious art off-site. We handle fragile pieces with white gloves and ensure a dust-free workspace.

Personal Service

You receive dedicated support from start to finish. We consult with clients to understand their digitization goals, vision, and needs. Our producers oversee each project closely and keep you updated throughout the process.

Archive-Quality Results

We adhere to museum digitization standards, like the Met and Smithsonian. Our master photographers and scanners are specially trained to handle fine art. We only use top-tier equipment and software.

A Name You Can Trust

Our reputation for excellence keeps marquee clients coming back again and again. Check our testimonials and client roster to learn why collectors, artists, and institutions rely on AbstractZen.

Digitize Your Art Today

We would love to bring your art to the digital realm through our premium digitization services. Schedule your free consultation today by calling 727-301-2832 or visiting our website to get started! Our passionate team looks forward to hearing about your collection and digitization goals.


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